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-zZz_- GUILD is currently recruitting Very Happy
this is a NEW guild, so we hope for your understanding.
FIRST: we're usually polite to the players, so please, no insults.
SECOND: play at your best everytime.
THIRD: no kicking of players if there is no offence.
FOURTH: please do not insult other guilds.
FIFTH: no getting of troubles.
SIXTH: no wars
SEVENTH: no vulgarities. XD
EIGHTH: no multi-guild.
9th: must have respect for others if you want them respect you. XD
TENTH: no using of hacks.
ELEVENTH: must be active, unless you have good reasons. please inform the Master and Jr. Master.

WELL, thats it Very Happy
NOTE: if you want to join -zZz_- guild, please take note that, Name change is NOT provided.
And, it's NOT compulsory for you to change your ign.
-zZz_tricia- xD


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